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by on July 2, 2011

Sometimes in life it is good to get a fresh start. This is a great team, and I appreciate all of the effort that goes into building a team. I do get a little anxious in approaching group projects, and have had some interesting experiences in the past. I am especially concerned about keeping up my end of the effort. My last group paper was written the week I had minor surgery, and I was on Vicodin the whole week. We did get a good grade! However, I did stress the whole week about making sure my contributions were clear and coherent.

This group has been stress-free. I have enjoyed thinking about and discussing online communities. I am involved in more than I thought originally.

I wanted to add a video back on social capital. It’s short and straightforward, and explained the concept simply.


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  1. Datta Kaur permalink

    Alice, your optimism for this group is outstanding. I’ve found that sometimes the ‘trust’ coming into the process is a BIG factor in the actual success. Thanks for learning how to embed a video here. ~ Datta Kaur

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