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Midterm Reflection

by on July 17, 2011

I chose the topic Promoting Positive Attitudes for Successful Online Teamwork since it is a big deal for me as a student in a program where group work is often expected.  I, for one, have had previous experiences that made me weary about joining groups.  This topic can help me, and probably others, create a positive environment for teams in our future online courses.

I. Introduction
II.Readings that influenced this topic
    A. Creating Self-Awareness of Learning that Occurs in Community by Susan                Imel and David Stein
    B. Finding a Place for Everyone by Datta Kaur Khalsa and Scott Hildreth
    C. Teacher’s Guide to International Collaboration
    D. What Leads to Effective Virtual Teamwork by Surinder Kahal
    E. The Virtual Team Builders Blog
    F. The Future of Virtual Teamwork & Collaboration by Terence Brake
III.Key Factors
    A. Team Setting/Environment
       1. forming groups
       2. recognizing diversity and individuality
       3. setting guidelines
       4. building trust
    B. Maintaining Group Dynamics
       1. relevance of objectives
       2. self-awareness of learning
       3. maintaining motivation
       4. facilitating
IV.Implication for Online Instructors
V. Conclusion

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