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Week 3 Reflection- Ideas Revealed

by on July 18, 2011

Ideas Revealed

According to A. Barbour, author of Louder than Words: Nonverbal Communication, the impact of any message, including that which takes place in a classroom, only 7 % is verbal (words), 38% is vocal (volume, pitch, and rhythm) and 55% comes from body movement (mostly facial expressions).

This is why I believe all online classes should incorporate some type of media/ program that would allow student and teacher face to face time.

While I complete my mid-term paper I find myself trying to integrate into it, everything “good” in online education. I find myself wanting to write everything that could be, everything that should be, and everything that shouldn’t.

This is not getting me far, as every writer knows, writer’s block is about the worst thing that a writer can have the case of, but second to that just might be a writer’s flood of facts, information, theories, and passion.

I hope to hone in on one, maybe two, main points this week in order to bring my writing to a succinct point, one that readers will be able to take and even apply in their own classrooms.



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