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Reflections on my Community

by on July 22, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the concept of community this week. In old English villages, through hundreds or thousands of years, the community was usually confined to about within five miles of the village, the distance you could walk in a day, or twenty miles, the distance you could ride on a horse. You and your neighbors would have a very narrow world view, and would likely have shared common experiences. Your family and friends would live within a few miles.

Now, look at the community of our class. We’ve had classmates from Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and across the country, with very different experiences and world views. In addition, I’ve posted classwork from Paris, Normandy, Boston, Virginia and assorted locations across the country. Tonight, I’m preparing to hop on a plane for a cross-country trip. And all without an interruption in coursework. Family members are spread across the globe – Japan, Germany, and Australia, in addition to various places in the U.S. Instead of becoming more disconnected, we are actually maintaining our family connections more effectively through social media.

So, a community is no longer a five-mile radius of a village. Instead it is a group of people who wish to stay connected together, for the purposes of sharing experiences and ideas.



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  1. DDW permalink

    Travel safe and well. You right – kinda makes me wonder if we eventually will have a one global community? Wonder how we will divide ourselves up then, if not by country, how?


  2. DDW permalink

    ooop. Should read You’re right –

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