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INSPIRE – A Wonderful OLC for Kids

by on July 25, 2011

I came across the NASA INSPIRE program website and thought this was a great idea for students from 9th to 12th grade! It is an online learning community for students who are interested in science and technology.  They can interact with NASA staff, specialists, and other members 24/7.  They have some requirements for membership such as GPA and citizenship.  If they do not have a laptop, they can get one if they qualify for the National School Lunch program.  This OLC gives a lot of students who aspire to be scientists or researchers a head start.  Communities such as INSPIRE are truly inspiring because they focus on the future of our children, especially those who are determined to be successful, by giving them access to valuable resources.  They even take into consideration the fact that some kids who are smart and determined cannot afford to enter sophisticated programs such as what NASA offers.


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  1. DDW permalink

    Thanks for the info. I’ve passed it on to a high school math teacher.


  2. Great program, Cherry! Thanks for sharing. I was just talking to colleagues this morning about slow online adoption by K-12, and programs like these have the ability to expand learning opportunities outside the classroom, especially in districts where lack of funding has taken its toll.


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