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Reflections: Is there a place for online communities in my world

by on July 27, 2011

Online communities are a large part of my world, the world of parenting the very young, the world of collaborating and learning from colleagues, and the world of staying in touch with family and friends across the country. The bigger picture of my life consists of these online communities:

  • Blackboard
  • Facebook
  • Napa Mom’s Club
  • Eco-lunch Blog
  • Crosswalk


Online communities are all around us. It is important that we examine attitudes and consequences of the online communities that we are surrounding ourselves with and asking ourselves:

  • “Are these online communities replacing those in our immediate reach?”
  • “Are these online communities our immediate future?”
  • “And, what will happen to the clubs, churches, and circles of friends that are outside our front door, if we are doing all of our communicating online?”

For me, this class has almost come full circle, my mind was immediately activated when I read  Bowling alone: Decline of America’s Social Capital by Robert Putnam, and now, as I have examined, and continue to examine my own definition of community, I feel that this circle in this journey will continue to grow and the definition will continue to expand.

A link to the first chapter of Robert Putnam’s book
Bowling Alone


It has been a good learning journey thus far. I am just as excited for the latter part of this journey.


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