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A New Competency

by on August 11, 2011


This week I got my copy of Training + Development magazine from ASTD (American Society for Training and Development). One article focused on social learning, which was defined in this way: “Social learning is what it sounds like – learning with and from others. It’s also about using social media tools to learn informally. At its most basic level, social learning helps people become more informed, gain a wider perspective, and make better decisions by engaging with others” (T+D, August 2011).

The article asked the question “what will the rise of social learning mean for learning and development professionals?”. To answer this question, ASTD commissioned a study which resulted in a change to the ASTD Competency Model. This model lists which skills are important for learning and development professionals. The article discusses three major themes: “(1) how social media can be used for learning, (2) fluency with social learning tools, and (3) knowledge of techniques for overcoming objections against using social media” (T+D, August 2011).

Social learning has now been identified as a key skill for training professionals. They recommend that “to use social learning most effectively, learning and development professionals must educate themselves on the tools and methods. Start a blog, participate in a wiki, attend a meeting in a virtual world, or use a Facebook-type tool to crowd source some sales information” (T+D, August 2011). It’s good to be ahead of the curve!

– Alice Boyd


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